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Introducing Core Values



Values are the guiding principles that form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.


Organizational values guide employees on how to behave and make decisions especially in situation that test their ethical fiber. These values shape the culture and define the character of the company.


Usually the companies define their core values after few years from inception. The values do exist in the minds of the leadership team since beginning. However, once the organization reached a level of maturity in terms of business the values get revalidated. The increased size of the organization also mandates the explicit definition of values to the entire organization.


Introducing values is a tricky affaire. It is more than creating excitement and visibility. Its success largely depends on if and how much the employees imbibe the values.


Values in isolation do not inspire us. It is the manifestation of values that we see in the lives of others that motivates us. We all know by heart the list of values. However, when we see the reflection of values in the lives of others, we begin to realize the value of the ‘Core Values’.


And therefore the most important thing while introducing values is to show employees how the values get reflected in the conduct of seniors in the organizations. Children get the values from their parents. And employees from their seniors!

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  1. Piyush Ghosal
    July 24, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Adding to what is already stated , there is a very thin line of difference between Organisational Value , culture and climate.

    What i believe is that Organisational values and culture may not necessarily be same.While organisational values are derieved from a set of behaviourle traits of senior management/Leadership team , organisational culture is what the employees concieve or think about the organisation.

    Organisational Climate , on the other hand is the conception of society at large about the organisation.

    Therefore , an XYZ company having customere focus as one of its core values may have high performance culture among its employee and greater profitability to the society at large as its climate.

    Whereas the above example is just an illustration of the similarity between values , cultuer and climate ,there may be companies whose values and culture may have pillar and post difference.

    Take a situation wherein an organisation boasts of being an equal oppertunity employer , but encourages quota or reservation as one of its selection criteria.Such diverse pratices influence the employees to percieve the organisation in a way different from its values.

    For an organisation to be healthy , by all means there should be a similarity between what it says(values) and what it practices.

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