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Personal Interest for Professional Success


All successful people have one thing in common: they are interested and fully involved in what they do. Interest makes a person go that ‘extra mile’ and is the key to work satisfaction.


However, ‘interest’ is seldom given priority in career decision-making. Career planning and job choice are not taken seriously in early stages of life particularly when parental influence, peer pressure, unsolicited advice and popular trends have great influence on decision-making.


Wrong career decisions make life miserable for the individual, and result in under-utilization of resource in organizations. Career decisions must therefore be made with great care.


BLISS Analysis is a decision making tool developed for career planning or validating choice of job at any point in career. BLISS Analysis takes into account five key parameters: Benefits, Limitations, Interests, Skills and Sacrifice, which form the basis of first the Personal Profile, and the Career (or Job) Profile. The analysis fosters introspection and the profiles present information about the person and the job in concise form allowing comparison between the two.


If the profiles match closely, then the career or job is likely to be suitable. If the profiles are contradictory, the person should re-think that particular career move.



Personal Profile

The BLISS Personal Profile is biographical sketch of the candidate in terms of what the person expects out of the job or career.



 Career Profile

The BLISS Career Profile is biographical sketch of the job or career in terms of what it offers.


The two profiles should be compared to see how career profile compliments the personal profile. Obviously, the closer the match between personal and job profiles the career move is more likely to be suitable.



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