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While browsing through course content on Emotional Intelligence and related material on internet I discovered that the ‘difficult situations’ listed everywhere are quite similar. However, I did not find one area which I have seen seriously affecting people at workplace; ‘Unconventional Relationships’ at work.

Convention is in the eye of the beholder. What’s normal for one person may not be normal for another. And nowadays more and more of the unconventional relationships are treated as normal. Live in relationship at work is quite common and ‘offices spouse’ is no more an unexplored territory. However, the problem starts when this affects and interferes with the work.

Consider this; your have a manager who is enamored with one of your colleague or homosexual colleagues. This may be OK as long as the work is going on fine. But when the person flaunts the infatuation or favors the enamored partner the other people may not be able to bear it.

But who will bell the cat and how? The fight–flight response will not always help. Every time you can not fight with the manager or leave the project/organization. It may help to remain unfazed in this situation and mind your work. Now the strong ‘self regulation’ comes into picture.

As relationships at workplace gets more and more entangled, it is even more important for the bystander to be composed and collected. Therefore, the ‘EQ’ workshops must also focus on this area. It will help participants to prepare themselves to face the unconventional relationships at work comfortably.

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